Monday, November 10, 2014

Rocking the Bourgeoisie

Hello World!

I know your waitin' with bated breath... I'm working on it...

Rock On


  1. I liked your stuff on Tomorrow in Vinland. If you ever get going again on the blogs, I'll probably enjoy reading.

  2. Hey Cornell!

    I've been working pretty diligently in the incredibly limited spare time I have on original ideas and material (as far as originality is possible). I've got about 75 ideas and at least ten rough drafts worked up but I'm still working on finding a reliable editor to trim the pieces and provide valuable feedback before I go live with them. I'll probably be less particular after I crank a few out.

    I would love input once I start posting essays. I've definitely changed my approach and some of my positions over the last few years. I'd like to keep learning from everyone in these circles of ours.

    I think it's realistic to assume that these pieces will start popping up on the blog in around 5 months.

    I might start posting interesting links/quotes/etc. sooner than that.

    Stop back by.

    Rock On!

  3. Could you please contact me via my blog? I would like to ask you a couple things in private.